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Dario Salerno

Over the past 30 years, almost all consumer products we design and produce are somehow destined to break or just malfunction. Many political movements have arisen against these facts, and the authorities are moving on this, late as usual. We have to change the way we manage electronic products’ life cycle tending to sustainability as soon as possible.

I don’t want to focus on why this is happening, but more on what consequences we are suffering and how to fix it.

High technological electronics equipment production requires lots of minerals and chemicals to process them, as well as energy. As…

What happens if a big tech company goes out of business tomorrow? A catastrophe, or a human error …

What if billions of devices around the world stop working because a bunch of servers fail and we only have a piece of junk in our hands?

Do we, customers, have a backup plan? Are we worried about this?

It is not an anti-capitalist complaint. It is about our survival. We should trust our tools, they must help especially in times of need. We are living in a fragile technology bubble.

Should we invest in resilient and sustainable technology?

Dario Salerno

Owner @Emtrica. Investigating how to make computing devices sustainable. Passionate about informatics, electronics, stuff that moves by itself. Trombone Player

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